Fallbrook Staff


Coach/Co Owner of Fallbrook Gymnastic Club since 1984. Regularly writes articles for Technique magazine. Clinicians for General  Gymnastics seminars, local, regional and national.


BA Physical Education, Former Jr high Physical Education Instructor, USA Gymnastics Safety Certified 4 times. Over 20 years gymnastic coaching experience and co owner of Fallbrook Gymnastics.

  • 1981 Most valuable gymnasts San Diego Mesa College
  • 1979 Most Outstanding Gymnasts
  • 1978 Western States Baton Champion


George works with our free style acrobatics boys and helps with all our competitive teams.

Just a few of George's accomplishments:

  • Twice All American Gymnast -
  • University of Iowa National Vault Champion
  • World Professional Trampoline Champion
  • Clinician
  • President's Council for Physical Fitness and Sport
  • Sport Stuntman
  • Mary Rose Bowl

About Fallbrook Gymnastics

Dean & Debbie Capelotti started Fallbrook Gymnastic Club in 1982. We have always had a love for the sport of gymnastics with an appreciation of the positive effects that sports has on its participants. We have seen over the years young athletes develop physically and mentally. They have grown strong and fit, but more importantly, they have developed self-discipline and strong leadership skills. We have always had a family atmosphere where parents are welcome to stay and enjoy watching their children. We strive to offer a fun and friendly environment where our students enjoy learning in a low-stress situation. Students can start when they are old enough to walk and can continue through college. We have a number of athletes that have been with us well over 10 years. We offer a full range of recreational classes and we specialize in working with students new to the sport of gymnastics. For the those who wish for more of a challenge we offer three competitive disciplines:
  • Women’s Artistic (Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault)
  • Trampoline & Tumbling (Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, Tumbling)
  • Power TeamGym (Floor, Vault, Tumbling, Mini Trampoline)
Artistic & Trampoline & Tumbling are individual sports, while Power TeamGym is a group sport. We also offer Performance Team which is a group performance Cirque like. Performance Team is non-competitive.
Being on a team builds comradely with team members and aid in the development of leadership and life skills. Our teams become very tight knit forming long lasting friendships. Most of our current coaches were or still on one or more of our teams. The process of working and achieving long term goals on team is a skill that will help our athletes their entire life.
We have seen so many young children grow into outstanding adults through our program that means more to us then any of their individual accomplishments, and there has been many accomplishments.  We have been blessed to teach multiple generations within the same family. This year marks the first grandchild of a former competitive team member to join our program.